Recordkeeping for Unschoolers - spiral journal

Order: Paperback.  Printable.
"I love this record keeping book. Great information and easy to use. I recommend it." -- lapalapaus

A spiral-bound journal for jotting down the fun stuff you do, plus
  • tips and information on record keeping
  • legal requirements
  • sample curriculum forms and plan documents (as required by some governments)
  • inspirational excerpts from Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning.
"The best record keeping book ever! Tells about legal requirements, Shows samples, and ideas. I love the words of encouragement at the bottom of the pages. A great tool!" -- jacksonhome371

Some parents enjoy keeping records, some don’t, and some do it only in order to meet legal requirements. Records can serve as keepsakes for personal recollection, as well as for reference for future college and job applications. In any case, this journal is designed for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers.

Order: Available as a Spiral-bound journal or Printable PDF.

(Looking for an online recordkeeping program? Try Homeschool Tracker Online.)


  1. Hi! Have you ever considered making this into an app?

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