Unschooling Wins the Race eBooklet, only $.99

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Unschooling Wins the Race
Schooling Holds Kids Back 
While Unschooling Sets Them Free

By conventional measurements, my unschooling daughter ranks at least two grade levels ahead of her schooled peers. How did she accomplish that without school lessons? This question was my inspiration for this book about my family's approach to learning. Unschoolers are on to something. Find out what.

Conventional schooling holds kids back. Schooling keeps kids busy. Busy sitting in desks. Busy “staying out of trouble.” Busy trying to survive the boredom of sitting still for hours. Busy learning how to please others rather than thinking for themselves… Find out what unschoolers are doing differently.

Order: Kindle or Paperback

Paperback: This booklet is part of The Unschooling 101 Compendium, a compilation in paperback.

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