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Order the free Types of Homeschool
Types of Homeschooling
An Overview of Styles and Philosophies of Home Education

More and more families, for a wide variety of reasons, are opting out of enrolling their children in the public school system. These families approach alternative education, homeschooling, or home education, in a wide variety of ways from casual to formal, relaxed to structured, child-directed, to school-at-home lessons.

You may have heard terms such as “unschooling,” “classical education,” or “Charlotte Mason.” I’ve put together this eBooklet to share an overview of these many different approaches to taking responsibility for your children’s educations.

Order the free January Homeschooling
January Homeschooling
Monthly-themed fun and interesting ideas and resources

Followers of my homeschooling articles and this blog will already know that my children and I love doing activities that correlate to seasons and holidays.

That’s why I’ve created these monthly-themed homeschooling ebooks. I’ll be sharing with you many of the fun and interesting resources my kids and I have found to keep us engaged and entertained in our world, so each day is an adventure.

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