Not Back to School Day

My kids and I have never made it a Not-Back-to-School picnic, so the first day of school usually passes without us realizing it. This year, we noticed.

All summer our house was full of lively and noisy kids from several neighboring houses all playing busy imaginative games together.

When I went downstairs this morning, the last to get out of bed as usual, I found my 9yo daughter at the kitchen table doing workbook pages. Her two closest friends went back to school today.

They kids have already made plans to meet after school at one of the girl's houses to do homework together.

My 9yo has been watching the clock. She has her "homework" packed. She just reminded me how excited she is to do homework with her friends. To pass the time this afternoon, we did abacus math until our brains were tired. Then she studied some sample biology cards that came in the mail. I thumbed through the second-hand copy of Bottle Biology, which I'd been looking for and finally found.

My 6yo, junior entomologist, set free the latest of her transformed caterpillar "cauliflower moths." When we picked up our farm box last week, my daughter carefully collected the tiny green caterpillars from the cauliflower and put them in one of her CSI Forensic Entomology containers.

Even my 3yo daughter is talking about school. She'll be starting "dance school" this week, too. This "school year" should be interesting.


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