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My girls use their own MythBusters
"Buster" for experiments.
I've long intended to put together an article or post about how my kids learn science, as I did with Unschooling Math. This is still a work-in-progress.
"Remember kids, the only difference between screwing around and science, is writing it down." -- Adam Savage, MythBusters
My kids have microscopes and magnifying glasses and containers and chemistry kits. One of our favorite tools is a microscope that hooks up to the TV. We feel very high tech using equipment that resembles the stuff we see in MonsterQuest and MythBusters.

As my daughter Maia said in her video about unschooling, "Science is everything."

General Sciences

Nature Science
See also: The 8 Shields Nature Store hub and Kamana Naturalist Training Program, a transformational home study program.

Animals & Science

Science kit clubs: We get the Young Scientist Club kits in the mail each month (Save $50 homeschool discount). My kids love them for real! You might also enjoy the Happy Scientist homeschool groupbuy or Magic School Bus club.

More Science Links: If you scroll down to the bottom of my kids' website, Dragon's Fire Academy, you'll find their sizeable list of favorite kids' websites, including the World of Science section. It's bigger than their fashion list, which is saying something.

Examiner.com: Top 5 unschooling and unschooling-friendly science

I know I'm link crazy. Being able to link everything together is like poetry, thickly layered. I just like being able to say so much in a small space.


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