Unschooling statement of purpose

There are many fabulous blogs full of philosophical musings on the "radical" unschooling life (i.e., Zombie Princess's "Unschooling my cat." I really loved that one.) Earlier in my family's unschooling journey, I wrote a lot of those passionate musings myself. You'll find them in my book The Unschooling Happiness Project and some in the more practical Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning.  Nowadays, however, my family is so comfortably settled into daily life that I rarely think about our lifestyle as unusual. If you're new to unschooling, you might want to check out my overview of unschooling, i.e., what it really means.

Nowadays, when I do post a new blog or article, I tend to focus on the more practical aspects of unschooling. I've heard unschoolers downplay learning activities, perhaps to demonstrate that the activity is not the focus of unschooling, so  I worry that my writing is giving the impression that I'm focused on an academic agenda rather than my child, her process and experience. I'm glad my kids do well on their annual homeschool tests, but I seriously couldn't care less accept for its impact on their self reflection.

I don't even care if we're called unschoolers, because that's beside the point. Unschooling is just a convenient way of saying I care about, respect, and truly acknowledge that my children are their own persons (as are our dogs, cats, and various transient pets -- insects, tadpoles, etc.).

I write about "educational" topics because that's where my mind goes nowadays and because I felt that many people were looking for practical how's as well as why's for unschooling. Perhaps I was tired of explaining why's, and certainly many other writers are doing a great job of that. The unschooling philosophy, instinct, intuition, and family relationships have gone subconscious for me.

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  1. Unschoolers are known for not sticking to the ‘program.’ Heeee! My blog began as a depiction of unschooling, and then, voila! It developed on its own, following my philosophy as though it had a mind of its own. In the beginning, I did write about the beauties of organic learning, how we lost our sense of wonder, how we forgot how to skip, etc. Now I follow something deep in my own heart that that comes from a place beyond reason, aplace that leads topics, the way our children lead their educational direction. It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it?

  2. I truly appreciate your practicality. I have read many passionate blogs on the why's of unschooling and it seems as though the how's (especially for parents who were not unschooled) are not deliberated with the same zeal. So thank you for understanding we don't merely want to be called unschoolers, we want practical ways to make it happen.

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