My family's unschooling curriculum

Zometool STEM Kit - Photo: Karl Horton
That sounds weird coming from an unschooler, right? However, since I write about homeschooling in general and my family participates in activities with a diverse group of homeschoolers (classical, unschoolers, eclectic, religious, pagan...), I've decided not to shy away from words like "curriculum" and "lessons," etc. Instead I use them in ways that make sense for my family.

For example, here are my daughters' current "curricula":
  • Breakfast BrainPOP - We watch BrainPOP videos in the kitchen on my Android tablet while we wait for breakfast to cook. Yesterday it was arthropods. Today it was probability and statistics.
  • Lobby iPod - Youngest daughter plays preschool apps, watches videos, and browses photo encyclopedias on the iPod while we wait in the lobby of her sisters' dance classes. (See Smartphone apps for kids, Best physics apps, Top fun educational apps.
  • Bug Club etc. - We do every insect/arthropod-related activity that comes our way: International Bug Club at the zoo; 4-H entomology curriculum; insect events at the natural history museum; Magic School Bus books and DVDs; collect deceased specimens; host and observe live bugs...
  • LEGO Club - We meet monthly with other LEGO enthusiasts to build things; Harry Potter LEGO constructions and video games; LEGO robotics and simple machines.
  • Dance/performance/gymnastics/taekwondo - Hip hop classes; recital preparation; fashion show audition; gymnastics; taekwondo.
  • Zometool - architecture, art, chemistry... Homeschool discount on Zometool!
  • Worm farm, compost, and other bottle biology experiments.
  • Netflix - We're watching MonsterQuest, Meerkat Manor, Mythbusters... Try Netflix for FREE! Cancel online anytime.
  • Girl Scouts - Both older daughters are in troops. Eldest daughter is working on Maia's Sidewalk Project, a community service project, talking to city officials, raising awareness and funds. Both daughters are selling cookies and working on various leadership, conservation, and skills projects.
  • Fashion - Eldest daughter is auditioning for a fashion show. Middle daughter and I are attending the tea. All my girls play fashion design games. Older daughters sew clothing for themselves and their dolls.
  • Ancient Egypt - We're reading the Theodosia series set in Edwardian England. We've got tickets to the upcoming King Tut exhibit. Daughters browse our numerous books on ancient Egypt. Eldest reads about rulers in her Civipedia. Actually, she's fascinated with rulers in general.
  • Crypto and mythology - Eldest daughter reads every info card in her Weird 'n' Wild Creatures subscription to real, strange, dangerous, and mythic creatures; she reads Monsterpedia; and anything mythology or cryptozoology related; MonsterQuest; Infested; dangerous creatures, etc.
I could keep going, but I'm tired. I think my kids' lives are very full and fulfilling.

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  1. We are not unschoolers, but we seem to have some things in common with you. My daughter is in taekwondo, we do everything bug related we can find, and my daughter loves bottle science projects. Our latest was a wetlands filtration system. In some ways your unschool curriculum, and my eclectic curriculum are very similar. Isn't it great to see kids learn?
    Systematically working my way through each day, using eclectic homeschooling, and a whole lot of ingenuity!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this. I love reading about what other unschoolers are doing. Each unschooling family looks so diferent from each other because each family is so unique.

  3. I love reading about what other unschoolers (and homeschoolers) are doing, too : )


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