Does homeschooling pose a threat to public education?

Jean Reed, in her Home Educator's Family Times article, "Homeschooling and Education," says
"Whether we are consciously aware that our homeschooling creates pressure on the public educational system to change or are doing so only to meet our personal goals, we are influencing the way people think about education now and in the future. What we do today, with our children, is changing and challenging the community around us and society at large. As we quietly go about the daily business of raising and educating our families, we should be aware that our actions have repercussions beyond our immediate goals."
Homeschooling Effects on the Public Education System

Homeschoolers get higher test scores. Homeschoolers consistently outperform publicly schooled students on standardized tests, raising questions about the efficiency and efficacy of public education. According to nationwide homeschooling statistics, homeschoolers score in the 85th to 89th percentile in core subjects.

Homeschoolers affect school funding. Public schools rely on attendance numbers for government funding, although some studies suggest that homeschoolers actually provide a net gain to public school budgets.

"Homeschooling families cost their local school districts and the state of Washington nothing," said Washington Homeschool Organization board member Emilie Fogle, in her February 16 Wenatchee World article, "Homeschoolers don't cost you." See homeschoolers don't cost the state schools.

In addition, homeschooling parents spend less to educate children than schools do.

Homeschoolers play more. Most homeschoolers spend significantly less time doing "school work" than school kids, yet they outperform on tests. This supports theories that children need free time for optimal development. Some parents choose to homeschool the early years to give their children the advantage of adequate time to play.

Nonetheless, President Obama's education reform proposes longer school days.

Even though homeschoolers opt-out of the public education system, they carry the potential to influence it, including higher education, workplaces, and any number of activities they may go on to participate in, simply by pursuing a different path toward adulthood and demonstrating many alternatives to a conventional, institutionalized childhood.


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