Enki, Waldorf, Montessori homeschooling and unschooling

I've heard people talk about Waldorf unschooling or Montessori unschooling. While my first reaction was to dismiss them as pseudo-unschoolers, I can imagine getting inspiration from various philosophies, so long as as everyone is agreeable and well-served by the activities.

Applying homeschool philosophies to unschooling

My kids, especially the youngest, enjoy the daily rhythm provided by circle time activities.

I like some aspects of Charlotte Mason, especially the nature learning and living books.

John Taylor Gatto makes Classical Education sound pretty good.

Holistic homeschool focuses on the whole child -- body, mind, and spirit.

What is Enki homeschooling?

Like Waldorf and Montessori philosophies, Enki seeks to nourish the whole child. There are differences between Enki and similar philosophies. Enki homeschooling aims to join vision and practicalities into an ideal education. Each activity must be worth doing and support the overall health of the family. Features include
  • Rhythms and circle times are used to cover content areas.
  • Arts-integrated curriculum is woven into family life.
  • Focus is kept on the core issues of what the parent wants to bring to the children, i.e., health and happiness.
  • Methods are adaptable to various learning environments.
  • Sensory integration and artistic movement activities.
  • Meeting needs for community and meeting the needs of multiple age siblings.

Even within any homeschooling philosophy, there's a spectrum of approaches.

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