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I downloaded this  free drawing software for my art-loving 6-year-old a while back, but she has just started using it. It's pretty cool! If you want to see some of my daughter's other fun art (and insect) resources,  i.e., Shidonni and the Kids Art Zone, you can check out the links on my daughter's website.

More art resources

The Unschool Art Gallery is an online art gallery for unschooled youth of all ages from around the world to share their art and get to know one another.

Genres represented so far include animation, dance, drama, drawing, jewelry, music, painting, photography, sculpture, special effects, and writing.

Submit artwork: Learn more about how to get involved. Send submissions to: unschoolersartgallery@gmail.com. Include a short bio, photo of the artist, and artworks.
  • scanned images or photos of artwork
  • photography
  • computer drawings
  • video
  • audio
Meet the artists: The bio page. (You'll see a couple of McGraths on there!)

Online Art Resources: Be sure to check out the art resources for unschooled kids, as well as my recommended online painting and art games.

"Fishella" by Ilana

My 5-Year-Old Won a National Art Contest!

My five-year-old daughter Ilana's watercolor painting "Fishella" was chosen as one of the Top 10 entries for K-3 in a national student art contest. She received a gift certificate and savings bond and her painting is published in the Celebrating Art Fall 2010 student art anthology.

Ilana has developed her artistic skills under the guidance of talented artists at her local art center, as well as from plenty of time spent creating art at home (check out her Artsonia gallery), and playing online painting and art games. She talked about drawing and art in the first episode of Ilana's Show and demonstrated a pressed flower project in episode 3.

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