What do you most want your children to learn?

What do you want your children to learn or know? What do you feel is most important? I posed these questions to my Facebook unschooling group and got the following responses. Common themes include respect, empathy, community, inner guidance, and self trust.
For my part, I want to help my kids to follow their hearts, act with compassion, seek joy, dive into their passions, and find their own paths, meaning, and sense of success and happiness everyday and throughout their lives.

How does this way of parenting play out? Read interviews with grown unschoolers.

What do you feel is most important for your children to learn or know?

Whatever they are interested in...I tend to talk to my kids about whatever I'm excited about or whatever they are excited about...It depends on the day, where we are, what's going on in the world..., etc.

Community, connection, and justice...geography/world culture is GIANT for us (being able to talk/study openly about world beliefs seems to be the thing that resonate out for the longest times).
Travel. Empathy.

Respect for oneself and others -- the kind accorded to all beings, not the kind expected by those in positions of <ahem> "power."

I'd love our children to understand our freedom in relation to others' bondages -- so they don't judge the boundaries of others (or get intimidated) but are encouraged to see how legalism is one of the mind, and once the mind is free, the world is open to us!

My goals as a mom are far more narcissistic. I want them to grow up and say "I'm so glad I had HER for a mom."

Deep respect and empathy for self and others. To seek joy, contentment, and sustenance, both individually and as an integral part of family and community. To recognize, create, and adjust personalized niche in the world, and through creative collaboration, support others in doing the same. See through and move beyond limitations of external (and internalized) manipulation, coercion, myths, and assumptions. Be curious, questioning, and engaged. To communicate openly and honestly with self and others. To trust self and identify others in whom to trust. :)

Explain about following your inner knowing, and having courage to do what is right for you, and the satisfaction that comes with it.

Love of learning about others to bring empathy and compassion to their lives.

Absolutely the most important thing would be for them to follow their inner guidance...to listen to themselves about what feels best to them in terms of what they want to do, learn, be, everything...from there everything else follows.

Trust yourself. Stay true to yourself and your values. Look for the silver lining. Know you always have a choice. Kindness, empathy, safety. Happiness and feeling good! It is okay to make mistakes and good to learn from them. Take your time! Respect others feelings.

What do you think? What do you feel is most important for children to know?

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