What happens to unschoolers when they grow up?

A grown unschooler, herself, Idzie Desmarais has been interviewing grown up unschoolers as well as compiling a collection of grown unschooler interviews.

New: Why unschool? A website created by grown unschoolers.

radio free school hosts interviews with parents of grown unschoolers.
Astra Taylor, former unschooler and documentary film maker, made an hour-long [[video about the unschooled life.]]

In an interview by CitizenShift, she said:
"The older I get the more I respect my parents and the choices they made. . . They weren’t really guiding, they were more facilitating…helping us to figure out what is it we wanted to do."
How unschooling contributed to her film career:
"One thing I have is that I’m very fearless. Even with filming, I’m just like – I’m just going to do it. The idea that you would learn it by doing it and just make some mistakes along the way, that seemed fine. It seemed like the natural way you learn anything. It didn’t seem like it was this thing that I had to master in a classroom and then apply as like a field of expertise. And so I think that’s very much like the unschooling approach. Learning by doing. Anything I’ve done as an adult I’ve done as a kid."

Former unschooler and Stanford University graduate, Becca Hall, started an experiential interest-led mixed-age program for Seattle homeschoolers.

From The Innovative Educator: Profiles of Adults Who Were Passion Driven Students.

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