What we did this summer

We kicked off summer vacation with an epic road trip in April—before the out-of-school crowds—with stops in Yosemite, Disneyland, and family in California and Oregon along the way. The destinations were awesome, but so was the driving. I'm always surprised at how well my young kids travel.

I suppose it has something to do with at least two road trips a year to see family. We've been busing, riding train, or driving that six-hour stretch since they were babies.

After our visit in April, we went again to see family a couple weeks ago. We spent two weeks sleeping outside in rural Oregon. We heard a bear one night, a cow-rooster duet, and birds, bullfrogs, etc., every other night. Plus, my sister has a wolf and a part-Lynx cat.

We held a hermit crab funeral. We swam at the lake. We foraged for wild food. We untangled a goose from fishing line. That was an adventure!

We witnessed some family squabbling and my kids certainly had exposure to a different culture than they're used to here in Seattle. Although I've carried many of my birth family's traditions into my little family, our lifestyle is still fairly different. My siblings, parents, etc., are all very low income. Recreation comes in classic activities like fishing, camping, and just getting together. I miss it.

Since we've been back home, we've played at the river beach, done weather experiments, and brewed kombucha. I've experienced my usual post-vacation sadness, but I'm getting back into my routines.

Eldest daughter "playtested" a new video game for one of the local developers on an unreleased console. She also spent a day at work with her dad, went to Girl Scout camp, and marched with her taekwondo class in the 4th of July parade.

Youngest is learning to roller skate and is loving our newly bloomed tigerlily garden (her middle name is Tigerlily). She and my other young daughter are working on their reading skills so they can read big books by themselves. And lots more fun stuff...

More summer trips:

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  1. Sue PattersonAugust 28, 2012

    Ahhh...the busy lives of unschoolers! Sounds like a great summer. Thanks for sharing with the Carnival! :)


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