New! The Unschooling 101 Compendium: A Compilation

Sorry about all the missing photos. Accidental delete of an online album. I will get around to fixing.

The Unschooling 101 Compendium is a compilation of 4 booklets, not otherwise available in paperback.

1) Unschooling 101. Top 10 questions about learning without school.

2) Unschooling is Not Schooling. "Not-schooling" removes schooling as a focus in life.

3) Deschooling for Parents. Beyond the school mindset.

4) Unschooling Wins the Race. What unschoolers do differently.

If you haven't read all the ebooks or would like a handy paperback version, that's the point of this collection.

Learn more about the ebooks.

New! Deschooling for Parents. Deschooling isn’t another word for unschooling. It’s an adjustment period between schooling and not-schooling. It’s a cleansing, deprogramming process that has value for anyone who has been released from the schooling system. This includes schooled adults who’ve decided not to put their kids in the schooling system, adults who are pulling their kids out of the system, and kids who are newly released from the system. Deschooling paves the way for living without schooling.

Unschooling 101:  Top Ten Questions About Learning Without School. People ask me a lot of blunt questions about unschooling. That’s okay with me. It’s why I put myself out there as an advocate. I've scoured the Internet for the most asked questions. Find out what unschooling really means.

Unschooling is Not Schooling. By defining “unschooling” simply as not-schooling, we eliminate schooling as a goal in ours and our children's lives. If we’re not-schooling, then we can be doing anything else.
Unschooling Wins the RaceSchooling Holds Kids Back While Unschooling Sets Them Free. By conventional measurements, my unschooling daughter ranks at least two grade levels ahead of her schooled peers. How did she accomplish that without school lessons? That question was my inspiration for this ebooklet about my family's approach to learning. Unschoolers are on to something. Find out what.

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