Top 10 life-changing money saving tips for students

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Being a student doesn’t exactly mean that you can enjoy life to the fullest, mostly because of budget limitations. You may have imagined that your student years would be careless and filled with fun, but as soon as you start going to university, you have to face the reality check. You surely don’t have a pocket full of money that magically regenerates itself, so we have put together some tips on saving money that can literally improve your way of life.

1. Consider travel cards
Young people (from 16 to 25 years old) in full-time education have the option to use the Railcard, which provides them with a third off of their UK rail journeys. The Railcard can be bought for one year (this option costs £28) or three years (for £65). Besides getting cheap rail journeys, this travel card will also provide you with awesome discounts from partnership offers.

If you don’t like spending money in order to save money, or you can’t get hold of such card, you should consider the option of traveling in a group. Most UK rail companies provide group deals that can save you significant amounts of money, especially if you travel often.

Local bus operators also offer beneficial travel cards. In case you can’t find a bus travel card aimed specifically at students, you should ask for travel cards that can be used by local residents.

2. Stop spending money for watching TV
If you have been paying the license fee in order to watch TV, I have to tell you that you haven’t been a savvy student. You don’t actually need such license to watch on-demand TV through the Internet. All you need to do is connect your TV to your laptop, and you will gain access to a lot of good-quality viewing without the need of paying anything for it.

In case you already paid for the TV license, don’t forget to claim one quarter of the money back for the months of summer when you probably won’t be staying in that place.

3. Buy in bulk and learn how to cook
Cooking is fun and practical, but it can also save you a lot of money. Forget about buying ready meals from the supermarket shelves. Maybe you will have to invest some efforts to learn how to cook your own food, but the experience will be rewarding not only for your health, but for your wallet as well.

Buying in bulk is a proven money-saving strategy when it comes to food. Purchase non-perishable, staple foods such as pasta – that way your food supplies will last longer and everything will turn out much cheaper.

4. Do you want to get discounts? Ask for them!
As a student, you probably own a NUS extra card. Have you been using it to its full potential? Not all stores publish their discounts, but they still provide them for the people who ask for them. Take your university card with you at all times and make sure to ask if the store gives discounts to students. You will be surprised with the amount of money you can save with this simple question.

5. Shop where you work and work where you shop 

A student job wouldn’t do you any wrong during your years at university. If there is a particular store you like shopping at, you should try to get a job there. If you land such job opportunity, you will be able to get staff discounts. You will get your favorite items at lower prices, and you will have a job that will bring you enough money to get through the month without burdening your parents – it’s a win-win situation.

6. Get yourself a printer
Students end up spending money on things that seem pointless, and printing is one of them. You surely need your printed materials, but printing on-campus is anything but affordable. Printers, on the other hand, are much more affordable than they used to be, so why don’t you save some money and get your own printer?

Trust me, this will save you significant amounts of money on the long run and it will make you the favorite character among your fellow students. If you have a business sense, you can even charge them a small price for printing and make some money out of this small investment.

7. Don’t pay for condoms
When you can get something for free, there is really no point in spending money for it. You can easily get free condoms in GPs and clinics for family planning, so make sure to use this opportunity. Condoms can be expensive when you have enough money only for the bare necessities, which is one of the reasons why many students fail to protect themselves. Knowing that you can get free condoms easily, there is no need for being worried that you would ever be left without them in a tricky situation.

8. There are cheap things everywhere – get your hands on them!
If you need to buy something, make sure to find it for the cheapest price possible. Car boot sales are a great example of how you can land some great deals. The hidden gems in car boot sales are usually gone early, so make sure to get information about such events in your area and get there in time in order to dig out the great deals.

Charity shops also provide great opportunities for students. Besides clothes, you can also get CDs, DVDs, different accessories and great books in charity shops. Besides supporting a noble cause by visiting charity shops once in a while, you will also save money!

9. Think twice about contents insurance
Before you decide to get contents insurance, you should make sure to check with your parents because their household policy may already have a ‘contents away from home’ section that will cover these needs. Some insurance companies also provide an option to extend the policy at a small cost, so you should definitely check with your parents before you spend your money on an unnecessary thing.

10. Have a few drinks before going out
One of the greatest money-saving tips we could give you is to have a few drinks before you head out to the pub.

Instead of getting three beers in a pub, you can have two of them at home and avoid spending a lot of money at the pub. This is a nice strategy that can turn out to be fun as well – you can organize drinking games with your mates at someone’s home before a big night out. This will not only make your night more fun, but it will also save you money, which should be your big concern as a student.


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