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Ilana with hammer mustache
My 8yo daughter is enamored of most things that involve tools. She has her own tool bag and a collection of wood pieces. Today she finished building a treasure chest. She has a serious affinity for boxes and containers (and wheelbarrows, as she reminded me when we visited the hardware store this afternoon).

I'm posting about this particular project because my daughter was so contentedly "in her element" with her tools.

It was a beautiful thing. As much as I know that my daughter got from the experience of building her own box, I can't fully explain how fulfilling it is for me as her mother to witness. It's healing for me to see my kids so in love with life.

Somehow her feet are typically involved in her projects (knitting, typing). She's like a monkey that way. I said I was surprised that she didn't hammer her toes. She assured me that she didn't, but that she did hit her thumb three times.

I just discovered a new tool to put on her wishlist: the preppin' weapon sanding block. She used regular sandpaper to prep for the Cabernet stain and varnish that she picked out at the hardware store. It's drying now.


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