College On Line - A Good Way to Get a Degree

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Online learning, that is accessing education through the use of sites hosted by educational institutions, is becoming an important factor in the education market. This is particularly true as the costs of attending a traditional college becomes prohibitive to the average individual.

If you're considering online learning, you might look at the statistics and facts about it as a method of educational delivery. Forbes in Leadership, on August 24, 2012 stated, "More than one-third – six million – of all students in higher education took at least one online course in the fall of 2011." Add this to the statement of the United States Department of Education that indicates the number of individuals pursuing an exclusively online degree has more than doubled since 2010, and you realize how popular online education has become in this century. Some of the advantages of online learning are:

Courses now use color, graphics and simulations. Embedded assessments assess the student's ability to make decisions upon the concepts acquired as well as recall the information taught.

Many decades of research have shown that outcomes for those individuals studying online do not differ from classroom knowledge. In other words, you learn the same material online as you would in a classroom.

Credentials and degrees earned online are accepted equally with the credentials acquired in traditional colleges when examined by employers. Even though combining an online course of study with the time constraints of work and family is not easy, the combination can be done effectively with adequate motivation on the part of the student. Since most courses are asynchronous, meaning that they may be accessed at any time, strict class scheduling is not needed.

Web-based (online) courses represent a venue in which the course richly utilizes all the communication tools offered by the Internet. Collaboration and human interaction may be facilitated between the teachers and learners as well as learners and learners. Through the use of these communication tools, the instructor can create activities and interactions that very closely simulate face-to-face classroom instruction.

Monash online uses the Massive Open Online Course (or MOOC) method of presenting online learning. MOOC courses are presenting engaging information in video form to enlist learners more comfortably in their own learning process.

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