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Guest post by Jessica Millis, an aspiring writer, freelance editor and educator at JMU.

Here are some excellent tools and resources that are going to help college students study and learn. There is a nice mix of tools so that hopefully you find some that are useful to you specifically. The list is in no particular order because each one is too different to rank fairly on the same list.


This is a website that is a directory containing over 9 million articles and over 78,000 books. The only problem is that you only get a one-day free trial. It is handy for learning new things, researching your project or essay, and finding out things that you can add to your learning to improve your progress.


Paste your text into the tool and have the tool flash up the words. It flashes them up one at a time in a way that forces your brain to read them. All you have to do is increase the speed at which the words appear and all of a sudden you can read at a far faster rate. It is very clever and you can use it to blow through your research in just a few hours.


Blog, Essay Writing Guide, Word Counter, Essay Writing Glossary and Citation Generator. All in one here: http://www.essaymama.com/

They have a blog that is full of fantastic information, tips, help and advice. They cover some of the more common and generic issues and sometimes get into issues that other blogs miss. They help you learn techniques and methods for getting things done, studying and surviving college life. Also on EssayMama you could find a lot of useful tools like writing guide, APA citation generator, glossary of essay writing terms and even word counter. Their writers are also very experienced in such matters and often come up with innovative advice that cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet.

Rescue Time

Not really a study tool or resource, but will show you where you are being unproductive. Just use the free trial and do not pay for anything. Just sign in with a new email address and name if you want to try it again.

PDF Search Engine

Search with this tool and find a few useful PDF books. Then you can steal them if you wish. If you have trouble then click on them to open them, save them to your desktop but you may not see the icon appear. Open up your email and attach a file to yourself, search on your desktop for a file and you will see the PDF file that was previously hidden and attach it to your email. Email the file to yourself and you will be able to open the email version.


You may be able to improve your writing with this tool. The trick is to paste your work onto the tool, to exclude smaller conjunction words, and then see which words have appeared a high number of times. If a word appears far more frequently than the others, then you may like to go back and change a few to their synonyms or change your sentences a little so that the text is less repetitive. You could keep the small words in the word count to find out if you are maybe using words such as "then", "so" or "but" too often.

Study Blue

This is a flashcard tool, and where most people are going to find flashcards useless, they are handy for memorizing things you simply have to learn. For example, they are handy if you are learning the periodic table or want to improve your vocabulary when learning a new language. You will probably be better off making your own because most of the uploads are not great (some are good, but not many).


This is a website full of books for free. It has a lot of verse in it, a lot of reference material, a lot of fiction and non-fiction. It is a shame the website makes it look so stale because it really has a lot of books and text you can learn from and reference in your essays. The website makes it look a little religious, which it is in many parts, but that is not what defines this resource.


This website has a lot of classic works on it. The sad thing is that the navigation is not very good. Your best bet is to look at the list of authors and navigate your way through the website that way. It is a handy website if you are studying literature or need to reference it in some way.

Easy Calculation

You can use the tools on this website to learn hundreds of different types of mathematic calculation, or you can use it to cheat on your math homework. You can be honest and just use it to check your homework. It is better than many math tools because you get to define the type of calculation you are doing beforehand and you do so in more detail than most. It helps you figure out if the answer it just gave you is actually the answer you need.

Cramster (now Chegg Study)

This is a tool that helps you cram for tests. They have courses that teach you all the content you need to cram in a short space of time. Their website claims that 82% of students said Chegg helped. We have only heard good things about the service, but they do charge, so maybe you should ask around on social media to see if any of your friends have used the service. If they have, then ask if you can borrow their account details so you can try it yourself without having to pay for the service.

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