Why More Parents Are Choosing All Boys' Schools

In today's fast-paced modern world, single-sex schools may seem old fashioned. However, there is much to learn from this model of education and many reasons why it has withstood the test of time. Boys' schools continue to exist throughout the nation and are actually seeing a rise in popularity as families are discovering their benefits. Read on to learn why more parents are choosing all boys' schools for their sons' educations.

Teachers Understand Boys' Unique Learning Style

Boys and girls have been shown to learn differently. Boys tend to mature developmentally at a pace that is slower than their female counterparts and tend to respond better to more active or hands-on educational activities. At an all boys' school, the teachers understand the developmental and academic needs of boys and can incorporate these preferences into their lesson plans. This makes for more effective and personalized educational experience.

Boys Feel Less Pressure

On a number of levels, boys tend to demonstrate higher performance in a learning and growth-centered environment that is free of the pressure to impress or compete with girls. They are more involved in classroom discussion and have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in ways they may not in the traditional classroom. 

There Is a Focus on All Aspects of Life

Schools for boys tend to be able to focus more fully on all aspects of students' life and development. The teachers and staff get to know the boys well through working with them in the classroom and in sports or extra-curricular activities. This helps the students to become more well-rounded and secure individuals. For example, the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland employs a teacher-coach-mentor model to education in which the teaching staff are also involved in other aspects of the boys' lives. They serve as team coaches, club advisers and mentors in various capacities within the community. The teachers truly get to know their Landon boys and gain valuable insight into the needs of their students. 

Students Feel Free to Explore 

In an atmosphere free of the pressure to follow societal gender stereotypes, boys are freer to explore their interests. Without the need to impress girls or to seem more masculine, boys often indulge in academic and extracurricular areas such as music, theater, culinary arts and design. In addition, they often feel less need to appear macho and have opportunities to express themselves emotionally that are often reserved for their feminine peers. 

Bonds Are Close and Lifelong

Finally, the bonds among the students and faculty at a boys' school tend to be quite strong and can last a lifetime. In an environment in which students and teachers get to know each other well and across various settings, boys can become more free to show their emotional side than in traditional academic settings in which they feel pressure to hold to societal gender norms in front of the girls. They develop empathy, sensitivity, emotional vulnerability and deep capacity for caring. 

Issues Are Addressed Quickly

Because the learning and living environment at a boys' school is so close, teachers and staff tend to pick up on any personal or emotional issues a student is having. Also, peers often play a role in alerting adults to problems they see in such a familial environment. Counseling and educational assemblies are incorporated into these schools. 

Perhaps now you have a better idea why all boys' schools are becoming a popular choice for parents. The advantages are numerous.

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