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Learn Math Visually!
Is your student struggling to grasp math concepts? Does she get correct answers without really understanding why they are correct? Many students fail to really "get" math because, in part, math is taught procedurally, while most children learn best visually and experientially.

The ST Math software game uses interactive, graphically-rich animations to help students grasp key math concepts visually. It is widely regarded as a leading -- if not the leading -- educational software for visual math learning.

The ST Math Homeschool game-based instructional software guides every student through a unique path of rigorous learning and problem solving. ST Math is:
  • Personalized: With ST Math, students’ progress at their own pace and engage with a unique series of animated puzzles. Students use the immediate and informative feedback to adjust their thinking while solving a problem.

  • Interactive: ST Math games simulate the mind’s optimal learning pattern. And it turns out you don’t need words or numbers, at least not at first.

  • Responsive: For every puzzle solution chosen by the student, ST Math animates the visual representations of math to provide immediate, instructive feedback. Whether or not the solution works or does not work, animation shows why it was correct or incorrect and provides informative feedback to students.

  • Mobile: You and your student can access the web-based ST Math software anywhere, anytime, and on supported mobile devices.
You don't need to be an expert to use ST Math in your homeschool.

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