You do not need to spend time and money to get to the university. You can sit in a comfortable chair at home and study, for example, further mathematics or programming language. You will get the opportunity to study in a calm atmosphere. You can forget about the excitement during the exam because you don’t have to see the teacher.

Lower cost of education

Online training centers offer their services at an affordable price. You will also find a lot of free online courses. The most popular free online courses:

  1. UMass Boston Open Courseware
    Here you will find courses in Psychology, Biology, Political Science, History, Mathematics and series of humanities disciplines.
  2. Khan Academy
    A huge database of video lessons in more than 20 languages.
  3. Tufts Open Courseware
    Here you can view the ingormation in the form of slides.
  4. Stanford iTunes U
    The site gives you access to Stanford University lectures.
  5. Learning Space: The Open University
    On this website, you can choose from a wide range of lectures and download material on your computer.

The ability to study at any university

Now almost every university gives students the opportunity to be trained remotely. You will be able to study in the US, Britain, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Finland and other countries. Have a look at the courses from the best universities: Harvard University, Boston University, University of Phoenix, Liberty University, University of Florida, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge.

Due to online education you do not have to abandon dreams of the Oxford. It is really cool! You just go to the site of distance learning and enjoy. Of course, Oxford – it’s not all. There are many comprehensive online courses. That’s why were created sites that help you choose the right university. Coursera may be a perfect example. Perhaps, it is the most famous service of online education.

Courses in Coursera are separated by specialization and popularity. Convenient navigation and attractive interface provide excellent reputation for this site. Besides Coursera, you’ll find other similar services, such as edX or Academic Earth.

High Quality of Education

Don’t worry that you can’t learn the material remotely. Modern online courses include interactive tasks, video, and audio. It will not let you get bored. Also, online courses cover more material than traditional education. They allow you to learn more.

The ability to adjust

You can independently create a schedule and adjust them to your needs. Online education is a great decision for those who are working and not able to attend university. Also, you can study online those subjects that you choose by yourself.

Communication with teachers

You can contact the teacher online at any time, and discuss education process with your group. It is much easier to write a message to the teacher than to look for him and appoint the meeting. Thus you will save time and energy.

So, we can say that online education is much better and more comfortable than the traditional one. But it also has weaknesses.

The disadvantages of online learning

  • The lack of real communication
    Modern technology is rapidly changing our lives. It affected every aspect of our lives: householding, transport, medicine. We use gadgets everywhere! Especially it concerns to the process of learning. Mobile and digital learning is an ever-increasing trend and if someone did not recognize it as something serious – well, I am sorry, but you are too late. With the blink of an eye we witnessed how technology entered our academic routines and became a vital part of our studies.But can online education replace the traditional one? Let’s find out it. To start, consider the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.

The benefits of online education

  • The ability not to leave the house
    When you study at a university, you have intercourse with classmates and teachers. It’s a great opportunity to make friends. If you pass the online courses in addition to traditional training or after it, then get a full package of benefits. If you change the standard education for distance, you lose the best years of life. You will not be invited to student party or prom night. You can miss a lot of precious moments!
  • The lack of motivation
    If you study online, no you do not control. You are not obliged to attend practical classes. So often it causes procrastination. Leaving your task to be done in the very last moment can cause damage to your academic success. Luckily, there are services designed to help students with their academic burdens, like HandMadeWritings. Nevertheless, If you know that you have a strong desire to learn, then engage in the online university. But if you do not trust yourself, it is best to take classes with other students. They will motivate and support you.
  • Theoretical study
    In online courses, you can learn only theory. If you want to see examples or conduct experiments, it will be difficult. Of course, you can find a video on the Internet, but they do not replace real practice. Especially it concerns to the in chemistry and physics experiments.
  • Problems with the equipment
    Students can not always be in touch. If your computer breaks down or the internet connection disappears, you will feel difficulties with learning.
  • The problem of identification of the student
    Evaluation can not be completely objective. For example, your friend knows the math and passes for you online test. Of course, it makes life easier for students. But it also hinders the progress of online learning.
  • There are many training programs where only students of educational institutions take part
    International exchange programs, competitions and conferences is what you are looking for. There you can not only show yourselves but also meet interesting people. If you want to demonstrate your abilities, it is better to choose traditional education.

Drawing the Line

We can say that online learning is useful in many ways. It is a breakthrough in the world of science. It especially helps those who are not able to enter the real university. If you want to save on training or to combine study with work, feel free to choose online courses. But if you want to replace the real study on distance, then think twice. You may lose the best moments of your life. Probably the best option for the average student will receive a traditional education using modern technologies and online services.