There are moments when we study hard and yet fail to assimilate the content of what we have studied. No matter the strategy adopted in the study; it will seem that we have come to the dead-end because nothing will seem to work right.

This is the era of virtual learning. The situation is made worse where we are dealing with instructors that we cannot see each other one on one. When you suffer from a lack of concentration during reading hours, it does not imply that you are out of your senses or that something is technically wrong with you. 

When you are taking part in any form of online courses, staying engaged is critical to getting the expected results that mattered. No matter the style of online classes that you are involved in; you need a few tips to stay engaged. We shall take a look at some of the strategies that are required to staying completely engaged when you do my online class.

Zooms, Teams, etc.

  • Some professors will require that you turn on your video while the class is going on. At any rate, it will help your concentration if the video is on cause it will enable the professor to know what is going on at your end.
  • Takedown notes in hard copy instead of relying on the soft copy from your computer. Do not minimize the size of your computer. The benefit of converting hard copy into soft copy will impact positively retention.
  • Make all cases are fully briefed and endeavor to print out copies of each. Migrating to book briefing is not the best strategy that students can take to.
  • Do not be a passive student in the class. Go ahead and volunteer to ask questions.
  • Endeavor to answer hypos and questions in your head or on your paper. This will help in keeping you focused in class.
  • Engage and exploit the chatbox to ask questions. This is an alternative to speaking in class because it is an excellent engagement tool.

Strategies for pre-recorded lectures

  • Similar to what is given above, fully briefcases and go on to print out the briefs. Any tool that will be of help in pre-recorded cases will be ideal because it is easy to forget such cases.
  • If your mind is wandering; then pause the video! Take a short walk or a cup of tea. Anything that will positively affect your focus will be ideal here. 
  • Plan your schedule well with discipline. This is required because you are at liberty to choose your custom timetable. Where there is no plan in place; the chances are that you are going to lack behind.
  • Tackle activities or questions as if you are in the class. Do not fall for the illusion that the lecture is pre-recorded and the fact that the lecturer will pause for the lectures to sink in. Practice makes perfect. You are not sure until you get involved in answering the questions to test your assimilation levels.


The above tips are mandatory for students that want to remain actively engaged in their online classes. They are practicable strategies that will help give the desired results that mattered. You are completely covered as far as concentrating during online classes is concerned with the expert tips above.


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