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Easter, Springtime, Daylight Savings Time

I've just posted a collection of my Earth Day and Easter printables and activities, including a new coloring page find: Coloring Pages 24 with over 40 Easter coloring pages, online coloring, memory games, and puzzles games (My kids love these activities).

Sunday is the beginning of DST in the U.S. If you've ever wondered why we do this, why not all states participate, and why most participant countries change their clocks at a different time, check out my article: Daylight Savings Time: Spring Forward Fall Back Science.

As I wrote in the article, the science of DST is not so much about the diurnal cycles of day and night, as it is about energy and money savings. Plus, some researchers suggest that it's harmful to our health. Heart attack rates go up, for example.

Unschooling thoughts and activities for daylight savings time - Find out what unschooling families think about DST.

Easter and Earth Day printables and activities

Easter, Eoster, Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs
Easter 2015: April 5
  1. Eoster history, Easter Bunny, and Easter Eggs
  2. Easter printables, activities, lapbooks
  3. Easter and Earth day printables

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