Happy Mothers Day! What we learn before we're born

I'll be road-tripping over Mother's Day (May 11) this year (to see my mom!), so I'm posting my annual free Mother's Day printables links early: coloring pages, cards, coupons, crafts, and theme units.

Did you know that mother's day has existed in various incarnations for a long time, i.e., Mothering Sunday, Matronalia, Hilaria.

I watched Annie Murphy's talk on what we learn before we're born. I wanted to watch it yesterday, but my sound stopped working. It took me a day and a half to sort through online troubleshooting and somehow mysteriously get my browser to play audio. Anyway...

Murphy said: "Learning is one of life's most essential activities and it begins much earlier than we ever imagined. ...Some of the most important learning we ever do happens before we're born, while we're still in womb."

You may have heard about the carrot juice or licorice studies that influence a baby's taste preferences or that babies best recognize and prefer their mother's voice. Murphy discussed reasons for this "visceral and consequential" period of fetal learning and the impacts it has on the person's entire life.

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Mindful Nurturing parenting library: One last sale

Parenthood is a beautiful journey. We don't have to become adversaries with our children; doing so is very unnatural to our humanity. We are all wired for connection, for closeness, and for love. Positive parenting frees us to move from the traditional parenting roles which create friction and rebellion and allows us instead to move into a more natural role which creates cooperation and peace. The inevitable conflicts that arise in a relationship no longer define the relationship, but serve as stepping stones to greater understanding and connection.

There is an abundance of resources available which tell parents why traditional parenting practices are not optimal, but few help parents learn what to do in place of traditional practices. In "Hold On To Your Kids," available through my affiliate partner Mindful Nurturing, we'll discuss the principles of positive parenting, and then we will go through more than 40 scenarios to show you what it looks like when these principles are put into action.

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In addition, they are adding three new bonuses:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rock Out – A 34 page earth loving activity book by Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou. 
  • The Power of Oxytocin, an audio interview with Bryan Post and Susan Kutchinskas, authors of Oxytocin Parenting. 
  • Hard copy of Man And Woman And Child by Harold W. Percival.

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Join us in this Homeschool Groupbuy! Save up to 40% off 3D Game Design 1

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My girls are really excited about this course. We recently finished Mod Design I. It was awesome!

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Youth Digital does a great job creating courses for kids ages 8 and up. My daughters are 9 and 11. They had no problem understanding the lesson modules and they laughed throughout the course. It's pretty funny.

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