Make Your Own Magazine: A reason to write

This looks really fun! My daughters have enjoyed the related One-Year Novel writing course. Read more about this magazine in a year course here.

HSBC is pleased to let you know that Cover Story and One Year Adventure Novel from author Daniel Schwabauer, President and Founder of Clear Water Press, are back at the Co-op!

With Cover Story, your middle schooler will create the content for their own magazine in one school year. Your student will write poems, short stories, non-fiction articles, letters, and many other short pieces. Cover Story allows the student the freedom of choosing their own theme for their magazine, and a subject for each assignment.

One Year Adventure Novel guides your high schooler through the process of writing a structured, compelling adventure novel over the course of one school year. TheOne Year Adventure Novel curriculum comes with a host of support programs (online forums, contests, live webinars, access to workshops, etc.) to guide your student through the process of creating his or her very first novel.

Now you can stream lessons from Cover Story and One Year Adventure Novel through the Cloud! These responsive HD videos are available for the entire family and adapt to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device from virtually where for a whole year.

Members save up to 20% on these exclusive GroupBuy offers. Membership is free.


Storytelling Quotes From Great Writers

It’s enough to read a few books to become wiser, but even a whole life may be not enough to find them. Can books change our life? This is a common question of anyone who enjoy reading… By the way – yes, they can!

Books can change our mindset, cause agitation, anxiety, response…they can console us, get rid of feelings of loneliness, and even give us the feeling of moral equilibrium. Books do change a person's mindset! They are guides through beliefs that can generate and transform not only the individual but the whole humanity.

Of course, literature can hardly change the life of a man who reads only books reinforce his own view of the world. Here lies the boundary between the "dangerous waters" and the "discovery of new islandsJ." Books can make you a totally different person from you were before.  Books may hit you at once or you may need time to get imbued with the ideas.  

It seems unlikely that an ordinary book can be a catalyst for changes. However, those of us who love reading know a single book can make a big impact on humanity. Over the last two centuries, there were written a lot of masterpieces. Such geniuses as Leo Tolstoy, Lewis Carroll, Higgins Clark, Brandon Sanderson, and some others have become progenitors of the worldview of many generations. They left a lot of witty quotations.

Buzz Essay presents you the best quotes from 15 world-known authors here. We hope they change you for the better and push to useful reflections. Get inspired and stay inspired!


Free Cartoon Network Summer Animation Course

Animate with Cartoon Network

I'm offering a free animation course for kids this summer. I am a writer forAdventure Time and I'm going to share everything I know to help every kid discover a passion for animation. Normally this course costs $99, but Cartoon Network is sponsoring free registration through Aug 31st, 2016.
Register for Free →

P.S. 3 kids who complete the course by August 31st will have their animations shown on Cartoon Network’s platforms. This is an incredible opportunity and I hope your family will join us.

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