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Language learning

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Here are a few resources for language learning


The Greek Alphabeta

Eldest daughter has been writing all her notes using the Greek alphabet, from which the modern western alphabet evolved. The Greeks inherited the alphabet invented by the Phoenicians.

I'm not quite sure where her interest came from. She has read all the Percy Jackson books and has taken a Greek art class.

Some links about the Greek alphabet

Greek and Latin roots

Deepen your understanding of English variance and nuance by expanding your knowledge of Greek and Latin roots.
You might be surprised how much a basic knowledge of Greek and Latin roots can benefit your child's understanding of the English language. Plus, there's a lot of intriguing history to explore along the way.

"By words the mind is winged." -- Aristophanes, dramatist (c. 448-385 BCE)

Online resources for Latin roots

These free online websites are an easy way to introduce Latin and Greek roots to children.
Latin helps you learn romance languages

Latin learning has gained popularity classical education circles for its broad benefit to language learning and comprehension. As Rachel Schaus stated in her article on learning Latin,
"Approximately fifty-percent of English words are derived from Latin." For this reason, Romance languages, which have up to 80-percent Latin-based vocabularies, are much easier to learn once Latin is mastered.

In her review, Minimus, homeschooling parent Elizabeth Yetter, shares her experience in choosing how to introduce her children to Latin and the culture of Roman Britain.

Latin Origin in English

As Thomas Wimmer pointed out in his article on The Latin Influence on English, "English has accumulated an above-average amount of words of Latin origin, but their meanings are not always identical to the ones in related languages." Find out what these words have come to mean in English as compared to other Latin-based and creole languages. Wimmer also discusses how Latin made its way into English via the Church and scientific discourse.

Learning Latin and Greek roots helps children understand the more subtle distinctions of many English words. In addition, they gain an appreciation for the history behind languages and cultures that have been strongly influenced by Roman culture.

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