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Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day! - Gluten-Free Coriander Ale

I'm reposting the following for Teach A Friend to Homebrew Day! - Saturday, Nov 1 - Plus, I've added a gluten-free beer recipe.

Gluten-Free Coriander Ale
Coriander seeds, long used in beer, grow into the common 
culinary herb known as Cilantro.

You’ll need:
3 pounds white sorghum syrup
¾ pound honey
0.16 ounce coriander seed, powdered
1.25 ounce sweet orange peel
½ package dried ale yeast
bottling sugar

1. Bring to boil 1.5 gallons water.
2. Add sorghum, coriander, and orange. Boil 30 minutes.
3. Remove from heat. Stir in honey.
4. Add water to total 2.5 gallons.
5. Cool to 70° F (21° C), strain into fermenter, and add yeast.
6. Cover and ferment 7-14 days.
7. Siphon into bottling bucket. Prime with sugar. Bottle.

Ready to drink in 2 weeks.

Maia got one comment on her beer making project. It wasn't about why she's a kid making beer. It was, "Is your hair green?"

"Maia's Blonde Ale" is presently fermenting in our garage brewery. She checks on it with encouraging words each morning. For her, it's not about the beer (yet). She wanted to use the jumbo kettle, the hydrometer, the carboy and airlock, hop socks, long-handled spoon, thermometer, and kitchen scale.

We had to measure out precise amounts of hops and sugars and reach precise temperatures. She can't wait to bottle her brew. I'll have to ask her whether she prefers the swing top bottles or if she wants to try the bottle capper. She'll get to use the siphon and tubes and bottle filler. That will be fun.

When she's of legal age, especially since she's gluten-free, she'll probably appreciate her brewing skills even more.


Teenage girls would rather be models than scientists

My daughters were super surprised by this. They all want to be scientists. My 12-yo daughter and I decided to dig a little deeper than the headline and see what the statistic really means.

Girls choosing camera lenses over microscopesOver a third of teenage girls put off careers in science due to negative stereotypes, finds research group

In 2008, 506 girls ages 13 to 18 (apparently USA) gave the following career choices. More than one choice was allowed.

Model: 32%
Actress: 29%
Teacher: 28%
Lawyer: 24%
Journalist: 24%
Musician: 20%
Doctor: 20%
Beautician/Hairdresser: 20%
Scientist: 14%
Housewife: 12%
Engineer: 4%

Survey results suggested that 35% of teenage girls are put off careers in science and engineering simply because they don't know enough about them. One in four say these industries are not represented in the magazines and websites they read.

I heard about the survey via a blog post about a Gold Award girl scout in my area who designed a STEM kit for 4th and 5th graders in her school district.
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