A better world is possible -- Free book

From Marie Claire of Quick Start Homeschool:

I want to share with you you that a better world is possible.  One where children are individually encouraged, where families are supported, and where every person has the space and freedom to grow into what they most deeply desire to be.

The impact of home education is real.

The book I've written, and others like it, are not just any books. They're books that make a difference. They introduce ideas. They change perceptions. They challenge the status quo. They quite literally impact the future.

On July 11, I want to hand you such a book.  It's one that I want you to read (at least -- and especially - the first chapter).  And this deal is one that I want you to share with every single person you know.

I don't care if you save the book, or trash it when you're finished. I don't want a mention, a thank you, and I'm not asking for reviews.

This dream of mine -- this book sharing project - is about so much more than stars and numbers. It's about nurturing children and families.  It's about impacting an entire generation. It's about having a hand in supporting the world-changes and the thought leaders who are creating the future.  

Do you share in this dream?

On July 11, you can get this book FREE:


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