25% off discount and free 7-day trial Engineering courses, build rube goldberg contraptions...

Would your kid love to learn how to build machines?

We're excited to invite your kid to be a founding member of JAM's engineering course developed by eccentric inventor Paul Long. Your child will learn how to build their own machines and Rube Goldberg contraptions. Give it a shot free for 7 days, if your kid isn't feeling it you can easily cancel.
Use this code for 25% off:INVENT25SCHOLAR
Code expires Sunday at 11:59pm PT.
Click here to get started.

JAM offers kids online courses on topics they can't get in school: skills that are just emerging in the world and skills that relate to what kids are really excited about.

➜ Kids will learn from top notch professionals.
➜ The courses are safe, private, and moderated by our staff.
➜ They can begin anytime and have a year to work at their own pace.
➜ There's no risk to you: Try any of our courses free for 7 days.

There's no risk to try. We give everyone a free 7-day trial to make sure it's the right course for your kid.
See you soon!


Free for the Summer! 11 popular learning programs

These award-winning products are FREE for the Summer!

  • Always Icecream / Clever Dragons
  • Meet the Masters
  • Miss Humblebee's Academy
  • Taken Charge: Siri and the Curious Code
  • Education City
  • eMedia music
  • Family Time Fitness
  • PortalsSchool
  • Poetry
  • Mathhelp.com


Foreign Language Group Buy for the whole family

I recently ordered (entirely with SmartPoints!) a one-year homeschool subscription to Mango Languages. The subscription covers up to 5 family members, which makes me very happy. We're learning Japanese together right now, but can choose from over 70 languages, including American Sign Language and Pirate.

Mango Languages is free at many libraries, but if you want it online to use at home and on devices away from home, Homeschool Buyer's Co-op has a 20% off Group Buy on a 1-year homeschool subscription for 1 teacher and 5 students.
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