Mathematics is one of the subjects most students hate. Unfortunately, it is something no student can avoid no matter his/her future career objective. Math is the basics for most subjects, maybe except for English. As such, most universities have a component of math in there.

Though math is somehow complex, it is one of the most interesting subjects you can ever study. It is the only subject with fixed answers and formulas to achieve that. So why do students hate it?

Most students shun away from learning mathematics because they don’t know how to go about it. As such, they spend so much time studying it but end up forgetting what they’ve learned. This piece is therefore meant to guide students on how to study and solve math problems.

  1. Practice makes perfect

Unlike lots of other subjects, you cannot study math by just reading. Doing that would only result in a fruitless effort. It is a problem-solving subject and you must face it as such. You need to be mentally alert and well prepared to solve assigned homework. And to be able to solve an assignment, you need to practice. The more time you spend practicing and trying to solve a math problem, the more you become conversant with the process. If possible, you can also adopt different formulas to solving a particular problem, and choose the easiest way possible.

  1. Correct your errors

Every math assignment has a way or formulas for solving it. Therefore, any mistake you make at a stage can affect your outcome. As you practice a problem and you realize you made a mistake at a point, go back and resolve the assignment. Don’t just correct the error, find out why it happened and try to understand the process better, or review your approach. Going over homework again will create a better understanding and prevent future errors.

  1. Master the process

Math is not a reading subject, so stop trying to memorize it as you do the homework. All you need is to understand the concept behind any formula. Note that there are prescribed steps to follow in solving any mathematical problem. Trying to understand the need for each step in reaching your final answer creates a better understanding and appreciation of the process. With that, you can solve any problem that comes your way.

  1. Study in a serene environment

Solving a math question requires utmost attention, so prevent any form of distraction. Once you pick your books to practice math, turn off all forms of distractions including your smartphone. You cannot do math homework in a noisy atmosphere, choose a serene environment. Imagine solving a calculus, algebra, or any other complex math problem in a distracting atmosphere. The opposite can give you a better result.

  1. Make it practical

Relating a math problem with a real-life situation can. When solving a probability question, you can relate it to everyday life activities to predict the outcome. For example, when staking a lottery, you can use probability to determine your chances and decide whether you should take that risk or not.

  1. Be confident

Confidence is needed in everything we do. It makes the impossible possible by relieving you of every fear. Math can be difficult, but once you decide that you can do all the assignments, and prepare yourself very well for it, it can be the easiest and most enjoyable subject to ever pursue.

  1. Have a math dictionary

Like any other subject, you can also create a mathematics dictionary that contains terminologies and formulas. It can be something you can always review when facing difficulties in solving a problem.


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