Planning for final exams can be a herculean task, especially for last-minute students. If you wait until exams are close before you start learning, then be ready for a more difficult and stressful learning process. In short, you should learn whenever possible to reduce your examination worries.

If you are planning for your final exams, plan them according to the subjects you will take first. For example, if you have physics today and chemistry tomorrow, your immediate plan should be on physics. Try to apply the survey below to your courses and see if it works for you. Doing this can eliminate your worries, stress, and anxiety associated with an examination. Select your current class and complete the form:




Course Analysis:

Your major goals for the term:

The major areas covered in textbook assignments:

The main points stressed in lectures:

Additionally, you can include special projects during the term, field trips, special films, research papers were written or books reviewed.

You should set your priorities right when preparing for final exams.

It is important to read assigned materials as early as possible. Don’t be a wait until things are getting out of hand. Waiting to read your notes a night before an exam is only a good way of confusing the brain.

  • You need to read a chapter at a time
  • Before reading, preview the chapter
  • Test yourself as you study. For example, after reading a full chapter of your material set yourself some questions on what you’ve learned. It is a way of assessing yourself to know how well you’ve understood what you read.
  • Alternatively, close the book after reading the chapter. Afterward, write down the title of your chapter and list the topics under the chapter. Now write down the main points and everything you remember on each of the topics.

When done, you can now open the material or Aplia answers and compare what you’ve jotted down to what is in the book. Check out the topics you left out and the main points omitted for each topic. If the margin is huge, then you need to go over the chapter again.

Strategies for final exams

  • Keep a schedule for the exams. Many a time some students miss out or appear late at the exam hall before of forgetfulness or miscommunication.
  • Now that you have the exam timetable, plan your study schedule to suit it. Learn according to the paper you have the next day.
  • Don’t learn one subject throughout the day. Learning the same subject the entire day can be very boring, as such try to introduce a new subject after spending much time on the main subject.
  • Learn important points and not just everything in your material. During lectures and note-keeping, you may have jotted some important points your lecturer mentioned or wrote on the board. This is where your concentration should be as you prepare for exams.
  • Don’t be a workaholic. It is good to have some break or rest after long hours of studying. Give yourself a 10-minute break after every one hour of studies.
  • Living a healthy life and eating well is a necessity when preparing for exams.

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