Important Facts About Homework

The debate about homework will not leave us. While some schools of thought see it as a necessary tool in the learning process and a way of preparing the child for the practical lessons in life; others see no good in homework. If we are to take an objective look; if homework is properly assigned, it has a place in the educational system of today.

We are not going into any form of controversy here. Rather, we shall go down memory lane to tell you the story behind the discovery of homework.

Historical background

The idea began from Rome in 1 century AD. The end of the 19th century brought significant changes to the educational system.  There were great developments associated with this era in the educational system. This was the era that teachers agreed that homework should form an integral part of the education system. It was agreed that it should be made compulsory for every student at this point in time.

It was agreed then that homework should meet the following criteria:

  • Must be feasible
  • Must not be too large, neither should it be complex
  • It should be set when students have learnt how to work independently

Who invented homework?

The credit for the invention of homework goes to Roberto Nevilis. This was in the year 1905 and there had been great improvements in that sector. What was the idea of the inventor of homework? It can be summed up in the following words:

  • Setting up student initiative
  • Independence
  • Individuality
  • Creative imagination

The above sums up the totality of his intentions during the time he set up homework as a tool in the learning process.

What are the purposes of homework?

  • To be done without haste; at the students speed
  • Should be done without outside estimation.
  • The hours of work should be chosen
  • The course of work should be independently planned
  • All the necessary sources of information should be involved.

Types of homework

The acclaimed inventor of homework could not do much in expanding the scope of homework that should be given because of the limited resources at his disposal then. But nowadays and with some advancements in the educational system; homework has been divided into various categories.

  • Mastering the material under study based on the textbook
  • The performance of oral exercises
  • Inclusion of written exercises
  • Included in the category is the writing of essays and other related creative works.
  • The preparation of reports based on the materials that have been studied which include the likes of coursework writing and the rest.
  • The conduction of observations as well as experiments.

When the types of homework above are combined and balanced; it will go all the way to bring out the beauty in the learning process.

Final thoughts

Homework has come a long way since its formal introduction to the educational system in 1905 by Roberto Nevilis. It has become part and parcel of the educational system.