Magazine schooling

In accordance with the unschooling archetype, I don't particularly enjoy textbook-style learning resources. However, lately my girls and I have enjoyed using some educational magazines, specifically Kids Discover, Ranger Rick, and Highlights. It occurred to me this morning, as my kids encouraged me to read to them page after page of the Civil War edition of the Kids Discover magazine, followed by related pages from Bentley Boyd's The League of Homeschool All-Stars, that my kids get a lot of information from magazines alone.

I suspect that if they did nothing schoolish but read these children's magazines,
they would still cover and absorb a wider variety and depth of information than the typical schooled kid. Not to mention that these magazines present information in an entertaining way with lots of color and photographs. Add to the magazines book series such as Magic Tree House, The Magic School Bus, and Wright on Time, my kids survey a lot of "educational" information (See the Unschooler's Bookstore for these and more buffets of fun information.)

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