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Unschooling 101
Top 10 Questions About Learning Without School
"Thank you Sara McGrath for explaining it so well. Each question answered my main concerns about unschooling and it has opened my eyes." -- Juan Manuel 
In case you've ever wondered...
  1. What is unschooling? (How is it different than homeschooling?)
  2. Is child-led learning the same thing?
  3. Is unschooling legal? (What if your state requires a learning plan, recordkeeping, and testing?)
  4. How do you know that they’re learning?
  5. How do they learn the basics like reading and math?
  6. Won’t they just watch TV and play video games all day?
  7. What does an unschooler’s typical day look like?
  8. What about discipline, chores, and household rules?
  9. Can unschoolers go to college?
  10. How can unschoolers get a job and adapt to the real world? (social rules, structure, deadlines, and schedules).
"I've just finished your booklet unschooling 101: top 10 questions. And I loved it! Looking forward to reading the others that I have purchased! Thanks for your wisdom." -- Catherine Lennon
People ask me a lot of blunt questions about unschooling. That’s okay with me. It’s why I put myself out there as an advocate. I’m not particularly interested in putting down schooling (or conventional parenting in general), although I certainly could as this provides a starting point for some people to take a closer look at children’s experiences.

However, I’m more interested in sharing the lifestyle that my children and I love. I want people to grow up feeling free and empowered, happy and enthusiastic about their lives, confident, self-assured, and open to unlimited possibilities. I start with my family’s experiences and share what we’ve learned so far.

Order: Kindle or Paperback

Paperback: This booklet is part of The Unschooling 101 Compendium, a compilation in paperback.

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  1. Well post and i read all question and its give us good idea we should ask this question to child and check behavior how to child react or response to these question thanks for sharing good info interviews questions and answers .


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