Elections, Voting, & Democracy for Kids

My kids have always been part of the conversation about voting and elections. They've been especially interested in presidential elections. My kids watch campaign videos, participate in discussions with their dad and me, and hang around while we vote. Here are a few useful online resources for sharing the election process with kids.

Watch the free BrainPOP movie about Presidential Elections.

Elections, Voting, & Democracy Websites for Kids
  • ZOOMout the vote. Elections 101 by kids, for the people. This PBS website discusses why voting matters and how the process works.
  • The Democracy Project. A PBS website that asks "How does government affect me?" and invites kids to step inside the voting booth and be president for a day.
  • Ben's Guide to U.S. Government has a section on the election process.
  • Project VoteSmart has a section on elections, as well as Government 101 for students.
  • Congress for Kids has an introduction to elections and election day.

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