Winter weather predictors: Groundhog, Groundfrog, and Woolly Bear

Yellow-bellied Marmot Copyright ©Jim Braswell
I put together a couple of Groundhog Day printables, activities, and info.

As the story goes, whether or not the groundhog (aka woodchuck, marmot) sees his shadow has some bearing on the length of winter.

Did you know that woolly bear caterpillars also provide ways of predicting winter weather?

My girls are hosting two hibernating woollies (one banded, one yellow) on our back patio. We're looking forward to seeing if they made it thru winter. The banded wooly's markings suggested a mild winter, which it was for the most part.

In our part of the country, it's Groundfrog Day. The bullfrog's croak signal when the spring mating season is arriving.

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