58 percent of Americans unschooling

In her article, "Unschooling Defined" (pdf), unschooling mother of four, Teresa Blalock, wrote:
According to the 2000 US Census statistics, around 20% of the population is from age 5-19, and around 22% of the nation's population is enrolled in college or graduate school. So, that means that approximately 42% of the population is either required to, or has chosen to be in school. The other 58% is “unschooled”. What does the other 58% of the population do as unschoolers? To put it simply, they live their lives. They learn what they need to know when they need to know it, or, when they chose to learn it because of interest or necessity. They work, they play, they grow, they progress. Above and below school aged people go about their day to day routines doing any and every thing conceivable and they are never questioned as to “why” they are not in school.
I had never thought about it in these terms: 58% of the U.S. population fits a general definition of unschooled. A majority of the population is, in effect, unschooling, simply by living without school.

Although some people attempt to define unschooling as a fringe or radical homeschooling method or a chaotic "wild and crazy" no-rules lifestyle, in practice it's nothing unusual. Rather, it's the way most people live.

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