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Daughters using microscope at grandma's house.
We're nearing the end of the class season aka school year. My girls take lots of community classes so we look forward to summer break. We're vowing to go lighter next season, but there are so many great opportunities around us.

We've never participated in the "homeschool" centers, although there are many. I've read about the hoops others are having to jump through to gain access to what amounts to part-time public school with all the negatives of schooling attached. It hardly seems worth the trouble, especially when we have so many nice independent options.

My girls are taking hip hop dance, taekwondo, and gymnastics classes, plus participating in Girl Scouts events and workshops. I love the new Girl Scouts program. It's very flexible, allowing girls to participate in a variety of ways. We were independent for a long time before joining troops and we still do a lot on our own.

We also do several 4-H programs on our own (entomology, fishing, dogs, photography, bicycling). I attended an info meeting with a local 4-H group, but my daughter and I both felt overwhelmed by the paperwork and animal showing requirements. So instead, we use the great 4-H resources in our own way. I especially love the new entomology curriculum.

We just got a new puppy, so the 4-H dog activities are probably going to take off anew.

We're always doing science observations and experiments, including the Young Scientists Club (currently at 25% homeschool discount.)

We went to the long-awaited King Tut exhibit at our local science center. It was a nice follow up to finishing the Theodosia, young Egyptologist book series.

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  1. Shannon CMay 28, 2012

    Yes, stay far, far away from the public school "homeschool" enrichment classes. They are abundant here in Colorado and they try to lure you in. The truth is that they just want to "prove" that we need them and can't do it on our own--which of course is not the truth. I'm sure some moms just use it for a break not realizing that they are compromising homeschooling itself. If anyone values their homeschooling freedoms, they should not participate in these traps.


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