Survey: Do your unschoolers take classes?

I'm curious about the types of classes unschoolers are taking. If any, what types of classes? Thoughts, feelings?
“There were no sex classes. No friendship classes. No classes on how to navigate a bureaucracy, build an organization, raise money, create a database, buy a house, love a child, spot a scam, talk someone out of suicide, or figure out what was important to me. Not knowing how to do these things is what messes people up in life, not whether they know algebra or can analyze literature.” – William Upski Wimsatt

But, I've heard of a lot of fun-sounding classes: circus school, permaculture for kids, survival skills... Eldest daughter is interested in charm school, babysitting, and any life science class she can find. Some local unschoolers are participating in PPPs, learning centers, homeschool co-ops.

The results: What types of classes do unschoolers take?

My family

The kids and I decided to keep our schedule light this year. We've overscheduled in the past. So many fun options! Art, bug club, LEGO club, taekwondo (it's all only 2 days per week).

We opted out of joining a local homeschool co-op, because there were just too many rules that would limit my girls freedom to make their own decisions.

When I sign my kids up for classes, I pay particular attention to the style and feel of the teachers. The kids want to learn something, improve themselves, and have fun, without too much pressure to rush through projects. Challenge is good, but racing through the lessons at the expense of the experience is not.

Your family?

So, what have been your experiences? What classes are your kids looking for? What have they taken, enjoyed, not enjoyed? Feel free to respond in the comments or on my Facebook unschooling group.

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  1. My daughter has taken local taekwondo and dance for the last 3 years from a teacher who is a home school parent, so by and large that has been an excellent resource with one who understands the home school environment.

    As she has grown older she has started to get more involved with that the school system itself is offering, after school sports such as track and cross country. She even was able to participate in the FCCLA program this last year through the school district. The only time I bit my nails a wee bit was if there was to be a question as to the style of home schooling we do, which is to unschool or deschool. So far, so good. No issues and if she has had any negative feedback at all it has been from the kids themselves rather than any of the adults.

    Things like "oh, you're that homeschool girl" with nose in the air. Or, you are just stupid because you are homeschooled etc. All the way to "man, I'm jeoulous, it's not fair, you don't have to do any homework?!" That sort of thing from the kids. So, it's been an interesting journey. My daughter will be 15 in October.

    I also taught the after school art program for the elementary school that my daughter of course attended :-) So all in all, a good experience thus far. This year she is considering taking a class or two for some FCCLA requirements to run for officer, but she is still thinking about it. So, we'll see.

  2. We attend a co-op, partly because as former public schooled kids it's a format with which they are comfortable, but more due to the fact that it's a one-stop shop for them to learn things of their choosing. I have two children taking classes all 5 hours that they're offered, two children taking four, and one child who only wants to take gym. No problem! :) Of their own choosing, they're learning about counted cross stitch, or American History, or Improv Acting, or American Sign Language....etc. :)

  3. I have one child who loves to take classes about things she is interested in. I have another child who is not interested in classes at all. I think it depends on the child and what the potential classes are like. So my daughter is in Musical Theater (jazz, tap, ballet, acting, group voice and a workshop class..plus rehearsals when there are shows), Karate (excellent easy -going teacher...who we drive a good distance to see), zoo classes, occasionally science center classes, animal friends (local animal shelter) group and a chorus. Plus there is a playgroup we try and get to at least once a month. My son otoh, has no interest. He loves to be around other kids, but wants to play with them and talk to them not sit near them in classes. He started a minecraft group so that he could play online with kids and see them at the same time and he goes to a local place for kids who love building things that offers free play.

  4. I know what you mean about over scheduling. Around the Chicago area it seems like we have too many fun options! This year we are participating in a once a week co-op. It's very informal....most of us are unschoolers. We have Family Science for one hour with parent's signing up to present an activity for the group followed by lunch and then either math games, writer's workshop or book club. We can come or not come as we feel like it. There's no pressure to come every week.

    We're also a part of a weekly Roots and Shoots group. We do things like help clean up and restore forest preserves, practice building shelters, attend presentations on animals, pack food for food depositories, visit canyons. We can come and go as we want with that, too, and not attend every week.

    Every week, the kids also take swimming and gymnastics classes as well as attending an Awanas program at our church.

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