Building: Woodworking, Game Modding, & Online Programming

We've been exploring two new interests at my house: woodworking and game modding. My daughters love building with wood, LEGOs, Zometool, cardboard, and lately pixels and code.


The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to present a GroupBuy for Mod Design 1, an interactive online course by Youth Digital that gives students ages 8-14 everything they need to create their own Mods for Minecraft© from start to finish using the Java™ programming language.

The course includes 30+ hours of interactive videos. Students receive personalized feedback on their final projects (their own completed mod!) and, if they don't understand a concept, they can chat online with instructors in Q&A sessions.

Daughters and I completed this wonderful course--We're giving it a unanimous thumbs up!

Here are my daughters' completed mods available on TechnicLauncher: Kaleawyn's Animals Mod and Ilanawyn's Forest Mod and Maiawyn's Fairytales Mod.


I've posted before about my middle daughter's woodworking projects. My eldest daughter has since joined in.

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  1. Hey, this wooden modding is quiet awesome, check also this here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/eliminating-competitiveness-among-teachers-fostering-julie-ellis Just mark that care of wood is not so easy


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